3 Ways To Help Your Child Get Through Immunizations

One of the less enjoyable experiences associated with being a parent is taking your child to get his or her immunizations. Even though a large number of children handle the experience with ease, some fare less well. Here are some tips to help you and your child get through their next set of immunizations with as less stress possible. 

Talk to Your Child Before the Appointment

Your child is much more aware of your emotions than you probably think. If you are projecting fear and stress about the upcoming appointment, your child could pick up on it and possibly develop those same feelings. When you are discussing the upcoming immunizations with your child, stay calm and try to avoid using buzz words, such as "pain." 

You should be honest with your child, but try not to add to any anxiety they are feeling. For instance, if your child wants to skip the appointment altogether, remind them that the immunizations are needed to stay healthy and to go to school or daycare. 

Plan to Distract Your Child

The time filled in the waiting room at the pediatrician's can often be just long enough for your child to develop a sense of doom about the immunizations. By the time they are called into the examination room, your child could be in full panic mode. 

To help prevent this from happening, take along toys, books, or other favorite items to distract your child. Talk to your child while waiting about their favorite subjects. If there is a television in the waiting room, encourage your child to watch the programming. Do anything you can to keep your child's mind off of the immunizations. 

Comfort Your Child Throughout the Experience

When it is time for your child to get the immunizations, try holding them close to you. This helps to accomplish two tasks. You can provide comfort to your child throughout the experience, and you also ensure they are being steady while the pediatrician administers the immunizations. 

If you have a snack or other treat available, offer it to your child when the immunizations are over. A piece of candy or other favorite snack can be an easy distraction for your child.

Eventually, your child will most likely outgrow feelings of anxiety as they age. Until then, do everything you can to help them to relax throughout the experience. Contact a local immunization services provider for more information.